Acute Treatment Services (Detox)

Respectful, Medically Managed Detoxification Treatment

Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol can be physically and emotionally challenging as well as potentially dangerous.

Beth Israel Lahey Health Behavioral Services provides medically supervised acute treatment services (detox) to support you or your loved one through the most challenging stages of withdrawal. We also help with the transition to the next appropriate level of care.

Our Detox Treatment Services

Our treatment centers are located in convenient suburban settings. We offer a range of personalized services that address the physical, mental and emotional effects of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.

We offer:

  • Aftercare and follow-up services
  • Bio-social evaluation to address biological, social and psychological factors contributing to substance use
  • Case management
  • Group and individual counseling
  • HIV/AIDS education
  • Physician-led management of withdrawal from alcohol, opioids and other substances
  • Risk assessment for sexually transmitted diseases and other conditions 24-hour nursing care

Recovery Journey Support Services

Because addiction is a chronic disease, we work with you and your loved ones to prepare for the next step in the recovery journey. Next steps could include:

Transitional Support Services (TSS)
Beth Israel Lahey Health Behavioral Services provides Transitional Support Services (TSS) for men with substance use disorders who have completed medical detoxification and require a safe place to consider further treatment options.
Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)
Beth Israel Lahey Health Behavioral Services offers Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) to help those with mental health or substance use issues maintain their independence.
Medication-Assisted Treatment
Beth Israel Health Behavioral Services provides expertly managed medicinal treatment for substance use disorder in addition to counseling and behavioral therapies.