Residential Addiction Treatment Programs

Safe Spaces To Recover from Addiction with Dignity

Beth Israel Lahey Health Behavioral Services offers residential (live-in) programs specifically designed to address the needs of those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

We provide safe, peaceful and dignified places to stay to focus on recovery, whether you are new to the journey or re-committing to it.

Overcoming addiction doesn’t happen in a straight line, and treatment isn’t one-size-fits-all. That is why we don’t make you choose between finding a supportive place to stay and accessing medication you may need to help overcome your addiction.

Long-Term, Short-Term, and Transitional Residential Programs

Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS)

The Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS) program through Beth Israel Lahey Health Behavioral Services provides clinically managed, inpatient residential treatment for individuals who require acute treatment for substance use disorder, but do not require medical detoxification. This level of care provides structured, individualized treatment for those who are in jeopardy of relapse or are transitioning from a more acute setting.

Clinical Stabilization Services includes treatment modalities focused on symptom management through education, support, aftercare planning and individual skill development. Average length of stay in our CSS program is 10 to 14 days. Residents can expect to receive individual case management and group therapy services.

For more information or to refer a client, please contact the CSS program at 978-739-7621.

Transitional Support Services (TSS)

Beth Israel Lahey Health Behavioral Services provides Transitional Support Services (TSS) for men with substance use disorders who have completed medical detoxification and require a safe place to consider further treatment options.

TSS is a short-term residential program that bridges the gap between detox/CSS and long-term residential care. While many residents choose to move on to further inpatient residential treatment, some residents elect to return home with outpatient services and/or medication-assisted treatment.

Our TSS residences in Lynn and Tewksbury offer individual and group therapy, 12-step and self-help meetings, as well case management to help residents navigate aftercare and referrals to additional, long-term services.

HART House

Many women seeking treatment for substance use disorder are concerned about leaving their children. The Healing and Recovery Together (HART) House is a residential program that allows women to stay with their children as they work on their recovery, create a healthier lifestyle, and learn how to care for their families more effectively. Services include individual, family and group therapy, relapse prevention, parenting education, and assistance accessing community resources.

HART House admissions are conducted by the Institute of Health and Recovery (IHR). For more information, please call 617-661-3991.

Ryan House

Ryan House serves individuals over the age of 18 who require long-term inpatient treatment for their substance use disorder.

The Ryan House program has two houses, one for men and one for women. Beth Israel Lahey Health Behavioral Services recognizes the importance of trauma-informed care and believes treatment should be gender specific. Ryan House provides gender- and gender-identity-responsive programming to allow residents to feel more comfortable, create strong connections with other group members, and focus on the specific concerns and triggering issues in their lives.

All Ryan House residents must be willing to participate in community services, group therapy, and transition planning. Ryan House is considered to be a “working house” therefor eligible residents will seek employment during their treatment. Ryan House also accepts individuals on SSI/SSDI, these individuals are strongly encouraged to secure volunteer opportunities in the community. Although the length of treatment varies, the average length of the stay is approximately six months.

For more information, call us at 781-593-9434 ext. 226.