Youth & Family Behavioral Health Programs

Support for Youth and Families

Beth Israel Lahey Health Behavioral Services provides support, education and resources for children, adolescents and families facing emotional, or behavioral health challenges.

Our programs include crisis management, outpatient counseling and more. Each program focuses on helping children and adolescents manage and reduce symptoms of behavioral health conditions and to develop skills to let them enjoy being kids again.

Our Behavioral Health Programs

Care coordination services are available through our Community Service Agencies to help families coordinate and access behavioral health services. We also offer in-home services for youths and families, or in community settings such as schools.

Our school-based services help families and staff support students with learning barriers caused by life challenges or substance use. We also provide outpatient therapy within schools to help further support students. If you or your family member need urgent assistance, please contact our Community Behavioral Health Center. If you are experiencing a behavioral health or substance use emergency, please contact our Adult/Youth Mobile Crisis Intervention service.

Solstice Day School

Solstice Day School is a fully accredited specialized school dedicated to students in grades 7-12 with learning or behavioral health issues. Solstice Day School integrates trauma-informed care into a full, year-round curriculum.

20 Bowlery Drive
Rowley, MA 01969

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Behavioral Health & Addiction Services

We provide a range of behavioral health, substance use, and addiction recovery services and counseling for adults, youth and families.